Professional Quality Audio, Video and Photographic Productions

A/V & Photo productions for all occasions – Product, Corporate, Training, Shorts, Documentaries, and more.


Still photography for portraiture or marketing.

Audio Production

It is said that audio is half your video. Need a good sound recording for your project?

Corporate Video

A corporate video is an effective and more creative way of communicating a brand story.

Generational Treasures

Working with organizations, townships, cities and families.

”The purpose of a video production is to boost your public visibility and increase conversions.”

With a proven process, we will guide you through all the steps so you know exactly what is being delivered. Communications is crucial to delivering a production that you can use again and again and has timeless features that ensures your production maintains a fresh look.

Our Process

Below is an over-simplification of the production process as there are many moving parts. Nevertheless, this gives you an idea of what to expect.

Creative Brief
Our creative team works with you, the client, to discuss everything regarding the requirements of the production including the message, style or theme, target audience and a well-defined goal.

After the creative brief (or during), we draft a basic script to include casting of characters and determine what needs to be said and how. We make sure that the lines match the overall story, yet is entertaining and consistent with the original idea.

After the script is finalized, we create a storyboard which is basically a picture strip of the scenes to be shot. This step also involves working out logistics regarding location, time of day, and any external actors to the set.

Once the planning stages and steps are complete, we begin shooting. There are likely to be several “takes” of each scene with our in-house Director managing the set. Once all the scenes are shot, it goes to Post Production.

Post Production
This is the last step before mastering your production to media or providing you with the finished product. Post is where we slice and dice all the footage into a usable product and add all the high quality pieces to your video such as catchy openers, lower-thirds, music, special effects, credits, etc. whatever is needed or appropriate.

So you have an idea or a vision, great! Now you need us to help you bring that idea or vision into reality.